Official site of the sit-in across from the mayor's office at Toronto City Hall

Doug Ford scrumming on March 28 with RFMG protestor holding up useful sign in background
Day 258. 0 days to go.

That's a wrap

The sit-in is over and done. Doug Ford is gone. He won't be mayor, he won't be a councillor. Which is good.

However - Rob Ford will remain at city hall as a councillor, which is terrible.

But at least... Doug is gone.


Sandro Lisi spotted setting up Doug Ford campaign signs

Click here to read eyewitness account of Sandro Lisi setting up Doug Ford campaign signs on Thursday October 16. Photos included.



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Why "Doug Ford Must Go?"

With the sudden departure of Rob Ford from the 2014 Toronto mayoral race and the unexpected entry of his brother Doug, the Rob Ford Must Go sit-in has shifted focus and become the Doug Ford Must Go sit-in.


Doug Ford has been an inseparable part of Rob Ford's mayoral term. In his own unique way, he's every bit as toxic, divisive, destructive, bigoted, and damaging to this city as his brother. In many ways much more so. A Doug Ford mayoralty would be - at best - four more wasted years.

So we will remain peacefully sitting outside of the mayor's office until election day on October 27. Come join in!


Official Twitter

The Rob Ford Must Go twitter account (@robfordmustgo) will now track the Ward 2 council race that Rob Ford has thrown his name into.

The Doug Ford Must Go twitter account (@dougfordmustgo) is now the main account for live tweeting from the sit-in at city hall and for all info pertaining to Doug Ford's campaign.

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