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Doug Ford scrumming on March 28 with RFMG protestor holding up useful sign in background

Note: We were provided with this report and photos by an eyewitness and are publishing with their consent. The eyewitness wishes to remain anonymous and is a credible source.


Eyewitness report of Sandro Lisi setting up Doug Ford campaign signs


Ward 17 Davenport

12:10 last Thursday (October 16, 2014)

At the corner of Sellers and Rogers Road, someone who appeared to be Sandro Lisi got out of a white Volkswagen with one other person, and put up two signs on a fence at 162 Sellers, while another person remained in the car. I was familiar with Sandro Lisi's distinctive features as a result of coverage like this: Who is Sandro Lisi?

The man placed one sign on the fence so cars heading west could see it. He put two on the lawn on Rogers Road, and one on the back of the property's fence so cars going east along Rogers could see it. This yard is very close to a garage shop called Malfara's.

I began to take photographs after I spoke with the two others with me. We all agreed that the man putting up the signs was Sandro Lisi.

A third person got out of the Volkswagen and was smoking a cigarette. We made eye contact. Very soon after that, the man putting up the signs walked around to the entrance of the yard and popped up over the fence, amongst shrubs and trees.

"Do you have a problem?" he asked.

"Pardon me?"

"Do you have a problem?"

"Not at all, there is no need to be so paranoid."

I walked with the others who were with me east towards Dufferin. When we reached the light, to cross heading north, the Volkswagon pulled up to the lights, the window down about an inch. Sandro was video taping me from the front seat.

As the three of us began to walk across the intersection, I waved to the camera and said, "Hey Sandro, I see you are helping Doug."

They turned right and headed south down Dufferin. The interaction was done by 12:15. At the end of it, I was even more convinced that the man I had been dealing with was Sandro Lisi.

I am bringing this information forward anonymously because I am concerned about my safety. As well, the Fords have a reputation for smearing people who raise truths they find uncomfortable or inconvenient.





As recently as a few days ago in a post-debate scrum, Doug Ford said he's never met Sandro Lisi and that Sandro Lisi is not working on his campaign.




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This eyewitness account published on 23 October 2014, 12pm.